Hungarian DO-Q-MENT has gone in IBM Cloud

Hungarian DO-Q-MENT has gone in IBM Cloud

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IBM announced today that document management services company, DO-Q-MENT, has migrated from its on-premise systems and storage platform to the IBM Cloud for greater IT flexibility and the ability to give clients improved access to data.

Preparing and storing certified documents in a physical environment is time consuming, cost-prohibitive and susceptible to such risks as data loss, which can lead to a breach of confidentiality. In Hungary alone, companies generate 50,000 tons of paper annually, spending approximately 80-100 billion forints (2.600.000 EUR) in printing costs.

DO-Q-MENT clients scan, upload and store their original documents through the DO-Q-MENT GreenArchive site, the company’s frontend. With the new cloud solution, all client documents will be stored and managed on IBM Cloud for greater flexibility and easy availability and access – regardless of where the client is, or on what device they’re logging in from. With IBM Cloud now it is possible to send invoices or contracts to accountants or clients with a 2-second refresh interval, whether clients are at their desks or on mobile devices.

In addition, in the previous environment, clients were required to retain physical copies of all certified documents. The new cloud solution provides electronic certification, eliminating the need to retain and store vast amounts of physical copies.

“When we decided to move to IBM Cloud, we had two high-priority goals - to meet all the criteria for certified documents and to find a platform where our clients can store their archives in a native environment,” said Ágoston Hortobágyi, CEO, DO-Q-MENT. “We achieved both with IBM Cloud and at a relatively low cost compared to the previous server-side solutions.”

“With IBM Cloud more and more companies can transform digitally, leaving the unsustainable world of paper based business behind,” said Michael Paier, General Manager, IBM Southeast Europe. “IBM is dedicated to providing the best compliance and regulation expertise and solutions on the cloud. We are proud that fast-developing companies and startups choose IBM Cloud to run their service.”

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