Popović: Award at CES proves that we are on the right track

Popović: Award at CES proves that we are on the right track

Foto: Dražen Tomić

Smart homes market is only one vertical of industrial revolution known as the Internet of Things, says Zipato's manager, Sebastian Popovic. Zipato, domestic manufacturer of solutions for managing smart home, again exhibits at CES, the world's largest technology fair in Las Vegas. We talked about Zipato and their Zipatalo which was first introduced last, just before CES opened its doors to visitors.

Smart home devices are actually IoT devices, that is one part of the rapidly developing part of the technology industry. What do you expect in the future?

This trend of linking all electronic devices onto Internet radically affects all industries, because it enables remote control and managing devices, their automation, as well as an analysis of their conditions.

Similar thing is with the households, where home owners get a chance to have their homes under control when they are not there. It is therefore no wonder that the market is growing steadily, and that by now all major players such as Google, Apple, Samsung, etc ... joined in the game.

However, despite the rapid development, IoT in the household is a very complex technology and has not yet reached its full maturity, so tone can find on the market a number of different standards and solutions that are often confusing to users. This situation slows down the growth of this market, but it is undeniably growing and there almost no longer exists a modern project in construction that does not include the IoT system in some way (smart alarm systems, smart thermostats, IP intercoms, etc. ...). All in all, we are satisfied with the development of the market, but we still wait for the real development.

How has Zipato been accepted?

Nowadays, Zipato is one of the most renowned IoT systems oriented to building construction, i.e. smart homes. It is used to manage over 20,000 households in 90 countries worldwide. In other words, Zipato is already a proven platform for construction of any smart home system or building. Our room controller - Zipatile is at the moment probably one of the most complete devices that can be purchased in the market and it makes it possible for us to land new jobs and grow.

Zipatail was introduced last year. What happened with it in the past year?

At last year's CES we presented Zipatile as a prototype, and this year we present it as a device already used in thousands of households. In addition to production, we worked whole year on a number of improvements to make the device even smarter. So, these days, Zipatile can fully replace the Control panel, Video camera, Thermostat, and IP video intercom. Some of the new features are integration with the globally popular Amazon Echo device for voice commands recognition, and certainly the ability to link multiple Zipatile devices into a single home Zipatile system, where all Zipatile devices communicate with each other and provide the user with a complete control from anywhere.

The options we added in Zipatile, and the successful start of production and distribution last year, brought this year's innovation award CES gives each year to the most innovative technological products. This is certainly a great honor and we are very happy because of it as CES is by far the largest trade fair of technological innovations in the world. Therefore, we have no choice but to continue to develop Zipato in this direction in order to further enhance the way Zipato users manage their homes.

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