CES 2017: STEMI very satisfied with the appearance at CES in Las Vegas

Croatian startup STEMI, that unveiled its educational robot at CES in Las Vegas, was the "target" of the media, and of potential partners and investors. As they say, they are extremely pleased with the appearance and the interest at this world's biggest technology fair.

"We are aware that this is only the first step towards our goal, but are also very satisfied with all the contacts we made at CES. We look at this as the first key point that has been done in the best possible way. The interest we could see from the beginning to the end of the fair, of the media, potential partners, as well as customers, enabled us to easily test how interesting the product is to the market, and to make all the contacts that we wanted ", says Marin Trošelj of STEMI .

According to him, Apple, Google, Samsung are just some of the names with which they have specific steps to make. There are also many smaller distributors for countries like Germany, Italy, UK, Australia, Canada, but also a strong interest of the Chinese and many invitations to come to China mean a lot to them. "There is much work to be done to turn these contacts into specific agreements, but we believe that we are on the right track. We are constantly receiving e-mails with calls for cooperation and preorders so we are very optimistic", explains Trošelj.

A great help and joint work with the company CROZ proved to be very positive and starting to work with STEMI proved to be good. Vedrana Miholić from CROZ points out that she is very proud of this young team that did an excellent job. The work that was done in Zagreb proved to be crucial for the four days to go smoothly.

"We are grateful to everyone who helped us in the preparation, from designing the stand to the useful tips that we received from those who were already there or even exhibited. The entire Croatian community as well as the US Embassy helped us a great deal so that we could get here ready. It was not easy to keep pace that continuously demanded at least three people at the stand to hold active conversations. Yesterday, we joked that the greatest treasure we have won in Vegas was a bag full of business cards. We will treasure it. If the morning shows how the day will be, I believe that this is just the beginning of a great STEMI story", concludes Vedrana Miholić.

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