Share of 5G Smartphones to more than Double in 2021

The share of 5G smartphones in the global smartphone market is expected to increase to 43% this year, more than doubling from 19% last year, according to Omdia. The number of mid- to low-end 5G smartphones rapidly increases, pushing the number of 5G capable smartphones sold.

In the first release of its newly launched Smartphone Feature Forecast Database, covering the first half of 2021, Omdia reports that 81% of 5G smartphones this year will support only Sub6, the mid- and low-frequency 5G that supports lower data transmission speeds. Meanwhile, 19% of 5G smartphones this year will support both mmWave and Sub6, the higher frequency radio bands that offer higher transmission speeds. However, as China commercializes mmWave service next year, and as major Asian countries start deploying mmWave service, the proportion of 5G smartphones that support mmWave is expected to increase to 32% of the total 5G smartphone shipments next year and continue to grow.

Elsewhere, the Omdia data show that low-end smartphones with set prices between $91-150 hold the largest share of the global smartphone market, but the price of smartphone sets is continuing to rise due to increased demand for 5G smartphones and improved hardware features. As demand for premium smartphones has also steadily increased recently, shipments of premium smartphones with a set price exceeding $751 are expected to exceed 200 million units for the first time this year.

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