Strong Cloud, 5G, Video and DaaS Adoption Plans in France and Germany

Mobility has a leading position among companies' ICT priorities in France and Germany, according to End User Research carried out by Strategy Analytics on the France and Germany Enterprise Mobility Market in Q2 and Q3 2021. In general, 37% and 42% of French and German companies respectively will increase IT budget between 1-5% in the next 2 years. COVID-19 has fueled Cloud budget, especially PaaS/IaaS, BI/data, EMM and mobile apps; other solutions French and German companies budgeted for include IoT, DaaS and Edge computing.

Strategy Analytics interviewed more than 600 IT decision makers across 9 vertical markets in France and Germany. Respondents were required to be from key vertical markets, in current senior positions with influence on purchasing decisions for enterprise solutions. Specifically, this survey sought to identify trends, and the future direction enterprises plan to take, regarding their approach to mobile strategy and investment.

“COVID-19 pandemic sparks explosive growth for video conferencing and Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) as well. Video conferencing usage has increased considerably since COVID-19. Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet are the top 3 conferencing software French and German companies currently use. As for DaaS, it has been earmarked as a critical area for many Digital Transformation projects and will provide a significant lift to the Corporate Liable device market as DaaS model allows devices to be managed in a unified way, simpler lifecycle management and provides more updated devices. In France and Germany, laptops, PCs and smartphones are often being deployed via a DaaS model. Microsoft, IBM, Google, HP and Dell are the top DaaS providers chosen by French and German companies,” said Gina Luk, Associate Director of Mobile Workforce Strategies at Strategy Analytics.

“Furthermore, France and Germany are leading the adoption plans for 5G. In France, 41% of French companies plan to integrate 5G within the next year, while 28% have already integrated 5G within the last year. 12% have had 5G more than a year; while 35% of German businesses have already integrated 5G into their company, and 39% plan to integrate 5G within the next 1 year. Carriers are the key partners for 5G projects in France and Germany,” added Andrew Brown, Executive Director of Enterprise Research at Strategy Analytics.

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