AGRIVI Secures €1.15 Million EU Funds for AI-Driven Agronomic Adviser

European Innovation Council (EIC) has awarded AGRIVI with €1.15 million funding for building the AI-driven agronomic adviser to support farms in meeting crop protection and food safety compliance. AGRIVI was awarded funding in the competition of 1099 applied companies with their innovative projects, where the European Commission awarded 99 companies to receive funding to help them bring their promising technologies to the market.

One of the major goals of the European Union’s Green Deal is to reduce the usage of pesticides by 50% by 2030. This requirement brings significant challenges to farms that need to ensure that reduced crop protection doesn’t impact their yields and farm profitability.

AGRIVI’s AI-driven agronomic adviser will be always present as a virtual assistant that guides farmers in making three important decisions like detecting the need for crop protection by identifying actual risks of pests and diseases on their crops, recommending how to protect crops by suggesting crop protection products secure compliance with EU and national regulations, recommending when it is safe to harvest crops by analyzing crop protection waiting period and pesticide residue levels.

The majority of farms globally and in the EU are small and medium-sized who struggle with the adoption of advanced digital agriculture solutions. The AI-driven agronomic adviser will be delivered as a virtual assistant in a form of a chatbot that communicates with farmers in the way they communicate every day. AI agronomic adviser will be launched to the market in 2024.

AGRIVI has a comprehensive suite of digital agriculture solutions for farms, food companies, agribusiness banks, ministries of agriculture, and other important stakeholders of the agri-food value chain. AGRIVI’s powerful farm management software provides real-time agronomic and economic insights throughout the entire food production process and helps producers in producing healthy, nutritious, and safe food by applying sustainable and climate-smart agricultural practices.

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