Apple Sues NSO Group to Curb the Abuse of State-Sponsored Spyware

Apple filed a lawsuit against technology company NSO Group. The technology giant is accusing Israeli company of surveillance of select iOS users by infecting their devices with targeted spyware.

In specific, Apple explained in a statement that NSO has infected iOS devices with its Pegasus spyware and though it targeted only a small number of global users. It also allegedly impacted people across multiple platforms, including Android.

It also claimed to have identified with a research group at the University of Toronto an exploit called Forced Entry, which was used to break into Apple devices and install the latest version of Pegasus. The vendor explained its legal action aimed to ban NSO Group from further harming individuals by using Appleā€™s products and services through a permanent injunction, in addition to compensation for violations of US legislation.

The company also noted it has not found evidence of attacks against devices using iOS 15 and later versions and urged users to update their devices to the latest software. It also pledged $10 million into backing researchers of cyber-surveillance and organizations advocating against such practices.

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