BEUC Joins Apple Music Critics

The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) backed a European Commission move against Apple over  anticompetitive practices in the music streaming space. The organisation pledged to contribute consumer feedback for ongoing action against the company.

BEUC stated it joined the EC process as an interested third party and will gather consumer views from its members across Europe regarding a preliminary EC ruling that Apple distorted competition in the market and abused its dominant position through its App Store. Director general of BEUC Monique Goyens explained it aimed to support an EC move to ensure that Europe’s consumers have access to a full range of music streaming services without their choices being unfairly restricted or prices being artificially inflated.

The EC formally accused Apple of using anticompetitive practices in April, following a two-year investigation sparked by a complaint from Spotify. Preliminary findings ruled Apple imposed restrictions on developers which did not use App Store purchase mechanisms, which the EC said limited consumers’ ability to select alternative, cheaper purchasing possibilities. The EC is separately also probing whether Apple broke competition rules through its App Store and Apple Pay services.

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