Business Sailing Experience Cup - Unique Mix of Congress, Sailing and Teamwork

Business conferences are leaving the usual boring surroundings of concrete halls and are moving to sailboats. From October 10 to 13 Trogir, Croatia, will host a unique model of business conferences. Business Sailing Experience Cup, organized by BSE Agency, will gather experts from the digital industry, open innovations and circular economy from across Europe and set them sailing the blue Adriatic Sea.

The new concept combines a relaxing atmosphere of sailboats, the Adriatic and inspirational speeches of top experts. The base marina Baotić in Trogir will see a large tent pitched that will serve as a central meeting point of the conference. One part of the day will always be reserved for lectures and networking by the sea while the other part will be for sailing in the business regatta through one of the most beautiful archipleagos of the Mediterranean. The starting point of the regatta will be Seget Donji, and the wind will take the sailboats towards Hvar, passing by the islands of Drvenik and Šolta, ultimately reaching the Pakleni Islands. From there the regatta will turn back towards Seget Donji.

Business conferences are an integral part of every industry, but more often than not the inspiration has been drained from them. The innovative concept of the Business Sailing Experience Agency allows the participants to enjoy exclusive speeches mixed with the unforgettable experience of sailing the Adriatic.

“We focused primarily on the European market, especially on the countries that have a strong sailing tradition. So most of the participants that are coming to our Cup will be from countries that are famous for their love toward the sea and wind, but also

have very strong economies. We have people coming from the Netherlands, Denmark, Luxembourg but also from the region, such as Slovenia and Serbia”, said Tom Gavazzi, founder and owner of the Agency.

Business Sailing Experience Cup is the offical name of the regatta, but the Congress part itself is divided into 3 themes. The first is called the European Digital Industry Cup, with topics that concern the digital industry. The second is the Global Open Innovation Cup, designed for the industry of open innovations. The third is the Circular Change Cup for experts of the circular economy and everyone interested in it. The best news for all the participants is that by registering for one cup you gain access to all 3.

The list of speakers for the conferences includes very renowned experts with years of experience in challenging industries. Talking about the digital world will be the recent president of IBM Europe, Harry van Dorenmalen and the CTO of Microsoft, Dejan Cvetković. Marcel Bogers, the open innovation professor on the University of Copenhagen will be leading the speakers for the Global Open Innovation Cup. Among the speakers for the circular economy we have Thomas Fundneider, CEO of The Living Core.

“The market is always ready and waiting for new innovations. We at Business Sailing Experience Agency don’t want to conform and make the same old conference that have been made a hundred times. It is neccesary to come up with creative ways to offer businessmen and women added value and a reason to go on a trip for 3 days. Sailing in a combination with a business conference can offer this by putting the person in a special frame of mind. The relaxing atmosphere of the sea will expand our horizonts”, said Tom Gavazzi.

Registrations are opened until the end of September. Three types of tickets are being sold. The first is for a company boat, primarily taken by companies that are taking their whole teams along, second is for a single cabin and the last type is for a shared cabin. Registrations are carried our over the Internet, at ( ).

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