Facebook Is Considering Libra Revamp

After loss of some important founding Association members, Facebook is planning a revamp of its troubled Libra cryptocurrency. According to some rumors, it could evolve into a traditional payments network, in a bid to appease regulators and regain momentum.

Facebook and its partners are considering redesigning the entire project into a system compatible with numerous real currencies, including the dollar, euro and British pound, rather than just cryptocurrencies as originally planned. An official launch of the cryptocurrency was scheduled for early 2020, but it quickly became apparent that this was ambitious, as regulators turned the screw.

Authorities in Europe and the US argued digital currencies must be fully investigated before being allowed to launch. Issues around Libra led to several high-profile backers including Vodafone, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Stripe and eBay withdrawing their support. By opening Libra up to other currencies and cash transactions, Facebook’s initiative would arguably lose its USP. It would become a traditional payments network, akin to existing systems run by PayPal and other fintech players.

However, Facebook still wants to push its vision of a single global currency, which could be incorporated into the revamped project in the future. Dante Disparte, head of policy and communications for the Libra Association, said in a statement it had not altered its goal of building a regulatory compliant payment network. “The basic design principles that support that goal have not changed,” he said.

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