Infinum and Porsche Digital Plan to Employ 100 Experts in Joint Venture

Infinum is entering into a joint venture with Porsche Digital, the digital unit of Porsche AG, legendary German sports car manufacturer. Infinum and Porsche Digital are establishing a new company with equal ownership stakes. According to the accepted business plan, the anticipated value of the investment in the joint venture and related products in the next three years is around 10 million euros.

The new company, Porsche Digital Croatia, headquartered in Zagreb’s Strojarska Street, will start operating by the end of September. They’re aiming to employ 100 experts in the next three years to work on the design, software development, AI and machine learning projects, while creating products and services to improve the digital ecosystem.

“With our experience of building digital products for over 15 years, Infinum is looking forward to joining forces with Porsche and shaping the digital landscape of the future. With the market progressively adopting new technologies and business models, the disruptions happening today will have a long-lasting effect on mobility”, said Tomislav Car, CEO of Infinum.

Experts at Porsche Digital Croatia will develop a wide range of products. Some of these products will be oriented towards improving processes and quality within the Porsche or VW Group, while others will be oriented towards end customers and improving their user experience.

“We want to actively use the opportunities of digitalization and therefore need a cross-national network in which the teams exchange and inspire each other”, says Stefan Zerweck, Chief Operating Officer of Porsche Digital. "With the new location in Zagreb we have taken the next step and with Infinum a strong partner at our side", according to Zerweck.

He added that Infinum is exactly what Porsche Digital was looking for; locally recognized as a top employer, experienced with large-scale, complex projects for clients worldwide, and dedicated to investing in our employee’s growth and happiness.

Through this venture, Zagreb and Croatia have been recognized as particularly up-and-coming innovation centers in Europe and an excellent opportunity to attract talent in the field of technology and innovation given. Especially thanks to the country's largest university with its focus on IT and natural sciences, the metropolis has a diverse talent pool from the technology and development scene.

Porsche Digital Croatia will further strengthen the image of Zagreb and Croatia and expand it more seriously towards the automotive industry.

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