Infobip Launches ID1 Data Center in Indonesia

Infobip has launched its data center known as ID1 in Indonesia to support the digital innovation capabilities of local and APAC businesses. Located in West Java, the move is aligned with the strategic direction of Indonesia’s Digital Roadmap 2021-2024 wherein it aims at developing an inclusive, safe, and reliable digital and connectivity infrastructure with high-quality services.

Asia-Pacific is one of the fastest developing regions in the world with digital transformation quickly changing the way organizations do business. Infobip’s data center sets out to help businesses achieve increased efficiency of operations; provide fast and reliable networking; and access cloud technology designed to intelligently orchestrate all customer engagement activities through a flexible and scalable full-stack communications platform.

The facility is an addition to Infobip’s existing collection of data center powerhouses across the globe, proven by application-level changes to production over 1.500 times a day, over 20.000 client messages per second, and data transfers of over 4.5 Gbps between data centers worldwide. The state-of-the-art ID1 data center offers a full range of premium colocation, interconnection, and support services to a wide range of secure digital ecosystems.

Additionally, it enhances Infobip’s full-stack CPaaS and SaaS offerings, ranging from voice, email, SMS, and chat to Conversations, Moments, Answers, and Customer Data Platform (CDP) among others. These will be further supported by end-to-end customer benefits to several key verticals, including retail, BFSI, logistics, F&B, fintech, telemedicine, and public sector enterprises in the region.

“The launch of Infobip’s data center in Indonesia marks a significant milestone since we entered the market in 2016. We have grown to become a trusted hub for all our local business operations, ensuring great visibility, meaningful connections, and vast opportunities for our clients and partners in various sectors. We are pleased to provide an innovative digital ecosystem that brings our best cloud technology offerings and long-standing expertise to Indonesia and the Asia Pacific. With Infobip’s successful track record enabling global business communications, we hope to create an inclusive and rich industry environment to power Indonesia’s digital vision,” said Alma Numic, VP General Manager APAC and MENA at Infobip.

In addition to the data center, Infobip also announced it will soon launch its Mobile Identity services in Indonesia, aimed at protecting customers’ data privacy, improving user experiences, and increasing consumer engagement. The Mobile Identity service is a new generation of highly secured authentication, verification and identification services for enterprises to create customer experiences in a secure ecosystem for mobile subscribers. Infobip targets to help mobile network operators create new revenue streams and make them available as a secure source for authenticating their subscribers with its in-house developed solution, iGate. With this solution, MNOs can skip the hassle and resource requirements of developing new APIs to enable the Mobile Identity service, allowing quicker turnarounds to provide the service to the market.

“Infobip has been an ardent advocate for MNOs with its Mobile Identity services built to provide a more secure environment for both enterprises and their mobile users. We are committed to expanding the coverage of the service with utmost security and authentication by working with numerous MNOs around the world. With the launch of Infobip’s ID1 data center in Indonesia, we are now in a strong position to offer more reliable service uptime and improved latency – all in compliance with global and local country data privacy regulations. We look forward to working closely with businesses in Indonesia to bring excellent CX and security to the public”, said Ante Pamukovic, VP Revenue APAC at Infobip.

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