Microsoft's Next Generation Xbox Will Be Fastest Ever

Microsoft said its next generation console will be four times more powerful than the current Xbox One X, according to Bloomberg. It will be much faster thanks to an AMD processor that allows for 120 frames per second.

Code named Project Scarlett, the device will reduce latency when loading games. It will be released in time for Christmas 2020 with a new version of Halo, the company’s popular shooting title. Microsoft also said its xCloud streaming platform, which lets customers play their games anywhere by storing them in the cloud, will debut in October.

The company made the announcements at an event in Los Angeles ahead of E3, the video game industry’s big trade show that opens today. The news underscored Microsoft’s commitment to a new generation of hardware even as it introduces new ways for consumers to stream games onto multiple devices.

Microsoft also got a jump on Sony, which skipped this year’s show for the first time, presumably to make announcements about its own next generation console at a later date. Sony’s PlayStation 4 has been the top seller among the current generation of gaming devices.

Microsoft is facing new competition in gaming as technology companies move in with Internet-based streaming services. Google is starting a $10 a month service called Stadia in November. Microsoft is trying to broaden its appeal to all kinds of gamers, including those using a personal computer.

The company showed off 60 new games at the event and announced a new subscription service, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It will allow fans to play console, PC and online multiplayer games for a monthly fee of $15.

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