Plug-and-play digital transformation with Kyndryl Bridge

Kyndryl, the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider, has unveiled its new technology integration platform, Kyndryl Bridge, which provides users real-time, actionable insights and control over their complex mission-critical IT infrastructures. The Kyndryl Bridge platform makes it easier for customers to choose and integrate solutions and tailor strategies to meet their business needs. It’s a major step forward for thousands of customers who gain a ‘plug-n-play’ solution that delivers access to Kyndryl’s ecosystem of partners and extensive catalogue of intellectual property.

It is important to emphasize that Kyndryl Bridge does not require companies to replace technologies they use with new solutions.

We talked with two of Kyndryl’s Managing Directors and they described how Kyndryl Bridge provides users with a better overview of the IT infrastructure and enables simplified and proactive management of the solutions they already own.

"We are simplifying IT complexity for our customers and providing them with new insight and control over their IT environments. If they have a tool they like to use, some home-grown system or third party solution, our job is to help them maximize the value of these technologies, not impose something new," says Davor Malojčić, Managing Director of Kyndryl for Central Eastern Europe & Eastern Mediterranean.

58 percent of enterprise IT leaders cited infrastructure management as a resource drain, limiting their abilities to accelerate innovation. Radical simplification of how businesses select, provision, consume, and manage digital technology is the answer.

Kyndryl Bridge puts a new level of power into the hands of technology leaders by providing them a better form of integrated observability over their tech infrastructures, using tools they know and trust, and also access to automation and AI-powered insights and recommendations to predict and prevent challenges, and improve business outcomes​.

Kyndryl Bridge Iacts preventively: notices all possible technological difficulties before they become problems in the core business. It  automates and simplifies tasks that corporate IT departments have done manually for decades. In addition, it aggregates, connects, and centralizes all data and immediately analyses them, thus bringing immediate insights that enable the infrastructure to work in the best way.

Enterprises around the globe increasingly demand simplified offerings as they look to harness the power of digital tools to unlock new business opportunities and remain competitive. By 2023 it's estimated that one in two companies will generate more than 40 percent of their revenues from digital products and services, compared to one in three in 2020, according to IDC. Technological modernization is a priority: 60 percent of CIOs cite digital transformation as the key growth factor for their companies this year.

Kyndryl Bridge provides quick access to all IT tools, from cloud computing, data processing, analysis, and artificial intelligence to cyber protection and business resilience solutions, along with mainframe infrastructures and many other technologies.

In addition to  simplification, the platform connects users with Kyndrylexperts. This is seen as a really strong capability cross the local markets, as the Swedish Managing Director Beda Grahn express it: "Kyndryl Bridge is the point that connects users with multiple technology partners. Collaboration with Microsoft, Google, VMWare, SAP, and many others will help them faster innovate and scale their businesses. The Kyndryl Bridge will be a strategic point (hub) that combines the extensive industrial expertise of our company with advanced innovators across our global ecosystem."

By enabling leaders to focus less on managing IT systems, they can build and support their digital business strategies while freeing up IT resources for higher-value work,” said Antoine Shagoury, Kyndryl’s Chief Technology Officer. “It provides greater access and control over critical tools, and Kyndryl experts in cloud, data and AI, security and resiliency, mainframe modernization, and other important aspects of the IT estate.”

The new platform helps ensure engineering simplicity across the tools and services that customers have – and the ones they want – with native integration. Ultimately, it will enable them to deliver the consumer-like, digital experiences their technology team needs, with advanced security capabilities, centrally managed governance, and personalized platform experiences.

Building Kyndryl Bridge was no small feat. One of the biggest hurdles the data engineering team had to overcome was creating a process to capture data from disparate sources, and then aggregate it in a standardized and reliable way. Using trusted automation platforms and mature machine learning environments, a team of data engineers built a beta version of the platform. They then onboarded early-adopter customers from around the world.

Their experiences provided valuable feedback for Kyndryl’s development teams. Initial results showed server incidents were reduced 74 percent per month during the beta testing period — a testament to Kyndryl’s drive to co-create and co-innovate with its customers.

“When you think about it, it’s quite fitting that our new platform is called the Kyndryl Bridge. It helps to bring us closer together with our customers and partners to resolve pain points and reimagine how tech infrastructure management is approached,” Malojčić said.

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