Qualcomm Gets Clearance to Export 4G Chips to Huawei

The US government gave Qualcomm an export licence. It allows the company to supply components to Huawei, with the waiver to trade sanctions covering 4G but not 5G chips.

A Qualcomm representative told Reuters it received a licence for a number of products covering some 4G components and has other applications pending. While the exemption is welcome news for troubled Huawei, the limit to 4G chips means the vendor will face severe supply problems for its 5G smartphones. TSMC, which makes Kirin chips for Huawei 5G handsets, stopped taking new chip orders from the Chinese vendor in May after the US government tightened restrictions.

Global semiconductor companies were required to stop supplying Huawei after the restrictions were implemented on 15 September. The sanctions, announced in August, means companies need an export licence to export components to Huawei or a listed affiliate using equipment made with US technology. In September, Intel was one of the first companies to reveal it had been granted a licence to continue supplying Huawei.

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