Siemens Launches Digitalization Academy

Siemens is launching an academy for continuing education that will focus on technical up- and reskilling. At 19 regional training centers across Germany, the SiTecSkills Academy will make a comprehensive, certified portfolio of qualification measures available in new areas of digitalization and sustainability.

This initiative aims to enhance employee skill sets to meet the requirements of digital transformation within the work environment. The Academy primarily aims to provide training to employees in manufacturing, service, sales, finance, controlling, and business support functions.

In doing so, the SiTecSkills Academy supplements the portfolio offered by the Siemens Professional Education training unit by providing targeted occupational and technical learning opportunities. Thus, the Academy seamlessly fits into Siemens’ existing continuing education offerings. The new aspect is that this offering is available to both internal and external partners within the learning ecosystem.

“Through targeted up- and reskilling, we can ensure that the competencies of our people are always up to date. In this way, we’re not only ensuring their long-term employability, but also our company’s long-term competitiveness,” said Judith Wiese, Chief People and Sustainability Officer and member of the Managing Board at Siemens. “Since the ‘shelf life’ of knowledge is rapidly shortening in today’s world, in particular in the areas of IT and digitalization, we need to continuously integrate lifelong learning as a fundamental element within our work processes. The personal motivation and great eagerness to learn that our people display show us that we’re on the right track in this regard.”

In fiscal 2022, 2,000 Siemens employees successfully took part in about 170 training programs for continuing education or retraining in a new occupation. The participants achieved a success rate of 97.8 percent. With 6,400 apprentices and students in cooperative education programs, Siemens is one of the world’s leading providers of occupational training in the private sector. For more than 100 years, the company has been giving young people entering the workforce the opportunity to obtain credentials for the latest technical and commercial occupations or to earn a degree in cooperative education programs.

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