SVAM Plus Is the New IN2 Group Member

IN2 Group has become richer by a new software company - SVAM plus, offering highly parameterized ERP system for digitization and integration of business processes. By concluding this acquisition, IN2 Group is expanding and further strengthening their portfolio of services for customers in the corporate segment.

With over 25 years of experience in intelligent business systems as well as development and integration of business processes in several industries, SVAM plus are a strategic choice of IN2 Group that meets market requirements and customer needs. The main activity of the company is development, implementation and maintenance of own business information system OperaOpus ERP. With their solutions, SVAM plus fit into the strategic framework of development and growth of IN2 Group's business, complementing the existing products and solutions portfolio.

"Along with business consolidation and organic growth, we have been analyzing the market in the region for some time now, looking for partners with whom we will achieve stronger synergy and growth in new market niches. I am especially pleased that we have found a partner with a strong and recognizable product that contributes to IN2 Group’s value offer and plans for business growth and expansion into new market segments”, commented CEO Denis Jašarević.

“Our strategy is to strengthen our portfolio of products and solutions that help companies in various verticals  digitize and develop their business. Acquisition of SVAM plus brings solutions that are complementary to the existing ones within IN2 Group in the economy segment. I am convinced that their solutions and quality of their experts, along with the recognized growth potential, will contribute to achieving long-term quality cooperation with clients and further growth of IN2 Group's customer base”, said Sanja Svilokos, Executive Director of IN2 Group’s Economy, Business and Spatial Information Systems.

“A respectable list of clients brought by SVAM plus, as well as experience, knowledge and quality of their products are some of the important reasons for this acquisition. This is the first in a series of acquisitions that show CSI’s commitment to expanding IN2 Group's business at national and regional level”, said Katarina Šiber Makar, Senior Vice President for Business Development at CSI and a member of IN2 Group's Supervisory Board.

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