Switzerland Is Not Halting 5G

In a recent article, Financial Times claims that Switzerland is halting all further 5G rollout. The newspaper said that the Government has "placed an indefinite moratorium on the use of its new technology because of health concerns." That article, however, was "misleading," said one Swiss official.

Unnamed representative of the Federal Office for Environment (FOEN), in an interview with Mobile World Live, said that the Office has recently written to the nation’s 26 cantons, regarding the placement of 5G equipment. He said that "an FT assertion the communication called on cantons to put planning permission for next-generation equipment on ice was misleading."

“The FOEN's letter to the cantons does not contain any recommendation to stop the permitting of 5G base stations. Rather, it sets out how the cantons can proceed with the permitting of 5G and adaptive antennas until FOEN’s enforcement aid on adaptive antennas is available,” the representative told MWL.

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