The Team Is Key to Success

To work in a company with great team is key to success, Tihomir Vrček, Team Lead, Flex Rey & Ethernet Implementation in dSpace points out in an interview with ICTbusiness. He said that now he is working at dSPACE as a software development engineer and as a team leader in charge of the dSPACE ETHCP product, this is essentially a series of tools that allow the user to simulate working with components via Ethernet.

„Personally, I mostly work with code generators written in C #, and code is generated in C. At the level of the entire team, we also work with tools such as MATLAB / Simulink, take care of the visual identity of the application and support the loading of various user configurations for simulations. Of course, special care is given to test environments and testing to achieve the highest standards in the delivered product“, he points out.

You joined the dSPACE family at the beginning of 2020. Describe a little what was that experience like for you…?

Despite previous 15 years of experience in IT, coming to DSPACE itself seemed like coming into the unknown. Namely, the number of companies in Croatia whose main activity is to support the automotive industry is limited. Given the product I deal with, I lacked experience with Automotive Ethernet, some tools were foreign to me, and globally I didn’t know much about the standards used in the automotive industry.

However, the team I am a member of consists of excellent and selected experts and above all great people and we all came at the same time. More experienced colleagues provided us with excellent onboarding and met our needs at every step. I am also thinking of my colleagues from Croatia and colleagues from the headquarters in Paderborn.

You have mentioned a great team, can you draw any parallel between leading people in dSPACE with leading people in other firms according to your experience?

Each organization has its own specifics and special requirements that it puts before people who lead formally and by example. A lot of attention is paid to the dynamics in the team and it is a process that is constantly being worked on and that process is well listened to by our human resources department. The company's culture is based on open and equal dialogue, striving for a balance of work and family life. It’s something that makes my job and so appealing.

How do you see dSPACE and its future?

Despite the challenges facing the company in these times of restrictions, I think dSPACE has shown great flexibility. Not only that, but we are constantly working on improving internal processes, in order to make the workplace as attractive and better as possible for existing and future colleagues. I see dSPACE Croatia as an environment that will continue to grow and bring together the best professionals and we will continue to be the backbone of the automotive industry.

What would you say to potential applicants for work at dSPACE?

Come, if you have the will to work and learn, we look forward to seeing you. I am proud to say that I work at dSPACE. We welcome everyone with open arms and with the readiness to not only transfer the knowledge we have, but also to accept the knowledge and experiences that new colleagues bring with them.

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