Tomašković leaves HT on 1 april 2019, Konstantinos Nempis appointed as his successor

At today's session of the Supervisory Board of Hrvatski Telekom, Davor Tomašković submitted his resignation and announced that as of 1 April 2019 he shall be leaving the position of the President of the Management Board of the company to continue his career outside of the Deutsche Telekom group. The Supervisory Board has appointed Konstantinos Nempis to his position, who will assume the duties of President of the Management Board as of 1 April 2019.

Tomašković has been performing the duty of President of the Management Board of HT since the year 2014. „HT is a great company with an amazing team of employees. I am proud of the results we have achieved together. In five years we completed the challenging transformation, and the company today is fast and agile. With the growth of all financials indicators, we strengthened the leadership position in all market segments and consolidated the overall telco market. We also made our regional move and delivered successful results in doing business outside of the domestic market. During the previous five years, HT also became one of the largest investors in Croatia, as well as one of the most significant employers, contributing through its operations to the overall development of the country. Following this five-year cycle, which was necessary for the company to transform, HT is prepared for the upcoming period and ready to overcome all challenges which lie ahead “, stated Davor Tomašković.

The new President of the Management Board, Konstantinos Nempis is transferring from OTE Group, the largest telecommunications provider in the Greek market, from the position of Chief Commercial Officer, Consumer segment. Nearly 20 years of experiences he spent in Telekom Industry, managing the fixed and mobile telecom organizations of national and international commercial teams.

The Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Jonathan Richard Talbot, thanked Tomašković for all he has achieved in the company and stated: “Since his arrival at the position of President of the Management Board of HT, Davor, together with his team, achieved remarkably good business results. For five consecutive years, HT showed growth in revenue, EBITDA and net profit, and continued to transform to deliver an EBITDA margin of 41.9 %, making it one of the most successful companies within DT Group. HT has continued to invest in creating a better customer experience with more than 7 billion HRK being spent on infrastructure development in these five years. Davor has also led many acquisitions to strengthen the health of the Company, including successfully taking over Montenegro Telecom”

The Supervisory Board at its today’s session appointed Nataša Rapaić as Management Board Member of HT d.d. for residential customers for another term of office, commencing from 1 February 2019. As already announced, as of 18 January 2019, Marija Felkel will cease to perform the duty of Member of the Management Board and Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO); therefore, the Supervisory Board has allocated performance of tasks related to Human Resources to the President of the Management Board, until the appointment of a new Member of the Management Board.

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