Twitter Started Combat Against 5G Misinformation

Twitter continues pressure on misinformation. The social network started applying warnings to posts suggesting a link between 5G technology and COVID-19.

The labels offer links to news stories offering information clarifying the technology is not the cause of the pandemic. Right now, Twitter is trying to walk a fine line between combatting misinformation about the pandemic and protecting freedom of speech.

In May, Twitter stated it would begin applying labels and warnings to certain messages to provide users with additional context from trusted sources. The move recently put the company into conflict with US President Donald Trump after it placed the stickers on some of his tweets.

Twitter’s focus on 5G follows a warning by Federal Communications Commission general counsel Tom Johnson misinformation about the technology could hinder Covid-19 recovery efforts. In an opinion article for The Washington Post he argued concerns about 5G’s impact on human health were long on panic and short on science.

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