Asseco Launches Voice Support for Online Banking

Asseco Voice Banking, one of the first products on the Polish market enabling voice support for online banking, is being developed by the VivicLabs team. The team was among the laureates of last year's CodePlay by Asseco hackathon.

New service is used to initiate basic operations in electronic banking by voice, such as checking the account balance, transaction history, information about the nearest ATM, and also making transfers. The product is based on the Google Assistant solution. It uses self-learning mechanisms allowing for a better understanding of the user's intentions.

Instead of using advanced search filters, it can, for example, ask how much home maintenance will cost, and AI will analyze the relevant data and present comprehensible information. It also has the ability to communicate in three different styles: standard, formal and colloquial. Asseco Voice Banking operates in Polish and English, but thanks to Google Assistant it can work in over 25 other languages supported by the assistant.

"The voice service is the future. I think that increasingly more tasks will be performed with the use of voice communication. The development of banking system user interfaces as a more user-friendly and convenient form of access to banking services will certainly be heading in this direction," said Jarosław Bryl, Managing Director of Asseco Innovation Hub.

To use Asseco Voice Banking, one can choose the default voice assistant in Android or download the Google Assistant application from AppStore. The next step is to confirm your identity and willingness to use the voice assistant by logging into the electronic banking system. From that moment, the user can request banking operations by voice.

The voice service offered by Asseco is fully secure. The execution of transactions with the use of Asseco Voice Banking requires confirmation of this form of communication with a bank by a special PIN code at the very beginning of the process. The code is sent as a push message to the client's phone. At a later stage, each banking transaction order is executed with the use of a mobile application for transfers authorization, such as mToken.

Asseco Voice Banking can be integrated with any type of internet banking. At present, this functionality is available via Asseco Customer Banking Platform, but the solution can be integrated with any system. The first production implementation in selected banks operating on Asseco's banking systems is planned for the fourth quarter.

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