Atos and Siemens Introduce Digital Twin Solution for Pharmaceutical Industry

Atos and Siemens are working together with the pharmaceutical industry to improve production with an innovative solution based on a digital replica of the pharma production process. Currently being tested in the pharmaceutical industry, “Process Digital Twin” for pharma manufacturing, powered by IoT, AI and Advanced Analytics, is designed to provide improved efficiency and flexibility in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.

Based on the pilot study, this potentially disruptive solution opens up new opportunities, such as a sustainable process development, reducing overall experimentation time and waste, ensuring constant quality and moving to new “quality by design” models to get the product right the first time. The solution also offers optimized measures for process quality and reliability.

The production and release of pharmaceutical products are complex and lengthy processes. To meet these challenges, one of Atos and Siemens’ global pharmaceutical partners has decided to test a new innovative solution, built and developed through a joint investment and business collaboration from the Atos-Siemens strategic global alliance. The “Process Digital Twin” is a complete virtual replica of a specific step in the manufacturing process, connected with IoT sensors installed on the actual plant.

It generates volumes of complex data and gives an instant view of all details of the operations. By pairing virtual and physical representations of the process, and using predictive models and real-time analytics, Atos and Siemens are helping the pharmaceutical industry to reinvent key elements of the manufacturing environment.

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