Easier Way to Find a Car-Charging Spot in Germany

Finding a charge spot, recharging the battery, and paying for the electricity sounds easy enough in theory, but the reality is often quite different. Instead, what drivers usually encounter on the road is a bewildering jumble of operators, connectors, rates, and payment systems.

In a bid to help drivers of electric cars locate exactly where they can recharge their vehicles, Bosch is joining forces with the German website clever-tanken.de. With over 20 million visits each month, clever-tanken.de is the market leader for fuel-price information in Germany. The result of this collaboration is Clever Laden (clever charging), a new feature of the price-comparison website’s app.

The app will not only feature prices for gasoline, diesel, and LPG, but also the locations of charge spots throughout Germany. Around 11,500 public charging points in Germany are already accessible through the apps thanks to the Bosch charging network. Integrated filters sort the charge spots by availability, charging capacity, and required connector. In addition, the app streamlines the charging process with a uniform access and payment system.

“Bosch and clever-tanken.de are putting an end to the tangle of recharging options. Clever Laden gives drivers unrestricted access to charge spots,” says Markus Heyn, a member of the board of management of Bosch.

Clever Laden not only helps make sense of the recharging jungle, but also makes the entire process simpler: without having to look into technical and contractual issues themselves beforehand, electric car drivers can use the app to start and pay for the recharging process at any charge spot stored in the system. To make this possible, Bosch negotiated agreements with the operators of the charge spots.

Drivers only have to sign on once. After that, all they need to use the app is a PayPal account or credit card. Charge spot operators benefit as well, as Clever Laden increases the capacity utilization of their charging infrastructure.

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