HT Organized the First Metaverse Event in Croatia

Hrvatski Telekom organized the first metaverse event. For this occasion, a metaverse was created consisting of several worlds and environments within which journalists passed through their specially designed avatars. In each, they got acquainted with some of the possibilities, from watching TV and shopping to learning, giving presentations and interactive meetings, to enjoying entertainment or relaxing on the virtual beach.

HT's Management Board member and CTIO Boris Drilo took the journalists through the virtual world and introduced them to the advantages of the metaverse and pointed out: "Metaverse is a 3D digital disruptive technological concept set to have a significant role in the coming years in the transformation of education, work, entertainment, and socialization. The use of new digital and digitally supplemented environments becomes possible using fiber-optic networks of high symmetric transmission rates and low latencies. HT's fiber network already reaches half a million households across Croatia, enabling our customers to enter metaverse worlds as we did today at the first Meta-presser in Croatia."

Deutsche Telekom has already entered the metaverse and launched the Beatland virtual club experience on the online platform Roblox. It has already recorded more than 3.2 million visits, with more than 600,000 transactions recorded in the first two days alone. DT has thus become the first telco to create a metaverse experience on Roblox. The first metaverse event in Croatia showed the possibilities of virtual worlds, presenting the metaverse as a potentially functional successor to the web.

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