Infobip Finished Dialogflow Integration in a Partnership with Google Cloud

Infobip has integrated with Dialogflow, Google Cloud’s AI-powered chatbot building platform, to provide enhanced messaging capabilities for Dialogflow customers. The integration leverages Conversations, Infobip’s cloud contact center platform, and WhatsApp for Business, to provide rich and meaningful customer messaging. This integration is designed to help improve satisfaction and reduce demand on customer service agents.

Organizations increasingly want to connect with companies using their preferred channels of communication. Responding to this trend, Google Cloud Dialogflow now offers access to WhatsApp through Infobip’s cloud contact center solution Conversations, helping improve user satisfaction and retention. In addition, the integration enables Dialogflow customers to scale their operations and customer communications globally, through a single platform.

As a globally connected cloud communications platform, Infobip is an excellent partner for leading businesses such as Google Cloud. This partnership leverages Infobip’s experience in creating rich messaging journeys and is part of Infobip’s strategy to build a global omnichannel communications ecosystem. Infobip provides the tools partners and clients require to meet the needs of their customers across any channel, removing the need for multiple platforms or pieces of software. This approach simplifies communication channel management and creates a win-win for partners and clients to better support businesses as they reinvent how they communicate with their customers.

Dialogflow is a life-like, conversational AI chatbot. It supports rich, intuitive, natural customer conversations, powered by Google Cloud’s AI engine. Dialogflow enables businesses to build conversational apps quickly, reducing deployment time from days to minutes and has been developed to help enterprises with global scalability.

“Businesses need to be where their customers are, which is why we’ve integrated with Google Cloud Dialogflow to offer clients access to Conversations, our cloud contact center platform, and WhatsApp for Business. By enabling our clients and partners to add real-time communications features to their applications without needing to build the infrastructure, we help accelerate the pace of innovation while generating truly engaging customer experiences. Google Cloud’s like-minded approach to technology and innovation makes them a perfect partner for Infobip and we hope to continue working alongside them,” said Veselin Vuković, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Infobip.

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