Hrvatski Telekom Adds Two New Vice Presidents in the Business Segment

Marijana Bačić and Jerko Dumanić are promoted to the new, vice-presidential positions in Hrvatski Telekom. They will assume their new positions from August 1.

Marijana Bačić, who has been the Director of the Corporate Sales Sector since November 2017, will take over the new position of Vice President for Corporate Sales and ICT, while the current Director of the Business Marketing Sector Jerko Dumanić will take over as Vice President for VSE/SME, Business Marketing & Channel Management. At the same time, HT abolishes the current Chief Business Officer function and transfers it to the CEO's area of ​​responsibilities. The new B2B organization will be divided between Bačić and Dumanić.

Marijana Bačić started her professional career in 2001 in Hrvatski Telekom as an Expert in the Data and IP Services Department. She then continued her career in the Controlling and Planning Department in which she was appointed Senior specialist, before becoming Key Account Manager for corporate customers. Marijana later advanced to the position of Director of the Corporate Sales Department, and then the whole Corporate Sales Sector.

"The role of Hrvatski Telekom, as a key provider of digitalization services and a reliable ICT partner is especially evident today. The unique integrative solutions that we develop and implement in private and public companies enable them to develop their business and become more competitive in the market. At the same time our smart city solutions implemented in more than 60 towns and municipalities across Croatia enable digital advancement and higher quality of life for their citizens," stated  Bačić.

After years of working abroad for Stonepath Group and Solomon Smith Barney in the USA and Sweden, Jerko Dumanić joined Hrvatski Telekom in 2002, and has since held several management positions within the Group. These included the function of a Management Board member in Iskon Intranet and HT Eronet. For the last six years, he has been the Business Marketing Director with Hrvatski Telekom.

"Hrvatski Telekom actively supports and assists the digitalization of VSE/SMEs, large companies and public institutions. By this we help increase not only their productivity, but also the satisfaction of their customers, users and citizens. Digitalization is not a trend, but a necessity that offers many new opportunities. It connects, improves internal processes, generates savings and greater efficiencies, and improves the competitiveness of all companies, large and small. That is what HT provides to its customers," said Dumanić.

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