IFA And NAPCO Media Enter Partnership

IFA, the world’s largest consumer electronics show, and NAPCO Media have entered a partnership that will offer consumer electronics and home appliances brands platform to connect with retailers. CT Lab Global Media combines the world’s most successful tradeshow for consumer electronics and home appliances with a producer of multi-channel content and events for retailers of consumer electronics.

For consumers, brands continue to be the most important and trusted guides to the latest technology. Brands in turn need a platform that is focused on their needs and provides the right channels to communicate with retail partners. CT Lab Global Medial will give brands integrated access not only to the world’s biggest tradeshow for consumer electronics and home appliances, but also to NAPCO Media’s deep expertise and focused channel strategy for the US market.

For retailers and brands, the partnership offers even more value, as it provides access to both the CE China trade show, an IFA Global event now in its second year, and NAPCO Media’s CE Week, the industry’s official mid-year conference and technology showcase in New York City.

“Our partnership truly creates a new platform, which helps industries, brands, channels and retailers to connect in a way that’s not been possible before,” said Jens Heithecker, Executive Director of IFA Berlin. “It’s this integrated approach, offering access to Europe, China and the American market, which brands will find not just compelling, but absolutely necessary to reach both consumers and media.”

This year’s IFA in Berlin is on course for yet another record year, with more space for brands than ever before. It builds on the success of IFA 2016, which saw more than 1,800 exhibitors presenting their cutting-edge products to more than 240,000 visitors, with more than 140,000 of them trade visitors from 120 countries around the world.

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