Bellabeat Introduces Shell, Baby's Heartbeat Listener

Bellabeat announced a new member of their product family, Shell, Baby’s Heartbeat Listener. Shell enables expectant parents to hear their baby’s heartbeat in a natural and non-invasive manner, similar to placing your ear on the belly and turning the volume up.

Shell ( )is a two-component device consisting of a mobile app and an add-on for your phone. The app enables you to hear your baby’s heart in a completely natural way. By placing the phone on your belly it captures the sounds inside the womb and uses an algorithm to filter out background noise and amplify the sound of the baby’s heart. No waves in, just sound out.

The free app works as a stand-alone and the easy-to-use tutorials contribute to the high success rate of detecting the fetal heartbeat. The add-on is designed to take it up that extra notch and enhances the overall experience. It works like a sea shell and funnels out and amplifies the sound. Along with heartbeat listening, other Shell features include recording an unlimited number of tracks, social sharing, tutorials on fetal heart positions and multiple pregnancy tracking.

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