Bosch Launches New Human Skin Temperature Detection Solution

Bosch has launched a human skin temperature detection solution that features built-in AI. The intelligent solution assists businesses to react to and predict possible unwanted situations.

Data from the “Human Skin Temperature Detection solution” from Bosch provides actionable insights that can minimize illness spread by accurately identifying people with elevated skin temperature at checkpoints in office buildings, manufacturing plants, and airports. The solution is a contactless screening tool that can scan employees, customers, visitors, and contractors for elevated skin temperature. By leveraging critical data, business owners and security operators can take the right predictive measures to safeguard people’s health.

The camera’s thermal module is highly precise and has a radiometric accuracy of +/- 0.5 °C / 0.9 °F. It provides a contactless measurement within a range of 2.5 to 4.5 meters (8 to 14 feet). It also contributes to the overall needed awareness to maintain proper physical distancing in areas where people must pass through a checkpoint, such as in airports, commercial buildings, or manufacturing plants. The solution is offered as a kit that contains a DINION IP thermal 9000 RM camera combined with a smart VIDEOJET decoder 7000 that also acts as a direct monitor output, a temperature reference device (blackbody), a special control keyboard, and specific software that helps to detect anomalies in human skin temperature.

The camera’s built-in AI or Intelligent Video Analytics detects faces in the field of view, and the decoder’s embedded thermal algorithm will locate the hotspots on the face. For reliable screening, individuals need to face the camera, remove glasses, hats, and other head and face coverings, and remain still. The solution will quickly detect multiple facial hotspots and indicate if an individual has an elevated skin temperature. The system has an intuitive interface allowing operators to access temperature alarms, temperature histograms, quick snapshot replay, and alarm threshold configurations via a USB keyboard, without the need for an additional computer or software.

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