CES 2019: Intel Showcases New Technology for Next Era of Computing

At CES in Las Vegas, Intel made several announcements spanning PCs and new devices to diverse growth segments including AI, 5G and autonomous driving. Three senior executives discussed the innovation necessary across the data center, cloud, network and edge to enable the new user experiences and form factors of the future.

Intel showcased its latest Xeon Scalable products, shipping today with advanced AI and memory capabilities, and 9th Gen Core desktop products. It also announced new 10nm products for PCs, servers and 5G wireless access base stations, the future of new chip designs based on its 3D packaging technology (Foveros).

Intel also spotlighted what’s possible when technologies work seamlessly together across the entire spectrum of computing. Comcast and Intel are working together to bring the connected home to life. New initiatives with Alibaba demonstrate how Intel AI plans to deliver athlete tracking technology during the next Olympics. Mobileye and Ordnance Survey will bring us closer to the realization of smart cities and safer roads.

The vision for tomorrow’s mobile PC platform is firmly aligned with Intel’s upcoming first volume 10nm PC processor, code-named “Ice Lake.” It brings a new level of integration with  new Sunny Cove microarchitecture, instruction sets to accelerate AI usage and a graphics engine, and Gen11 graphics to improve graphics performance for richer gaming and content creation experiences. Intel’s OEM partners are expected to have new devices with Ice Lake on shelves by holiday 2019.

Intel also announced Project Athena, an innovation program and new set of industry specifications developed to help usher in a new class of advanced laptops designed to capitalize on next-generation technologies, including 5G and AI. Combining high performance, battery life and connectivity in sleek designs, the first Project Athena devices are expected to be available in the second half of this year.

At CES 2019, Intel provided a sneak peek of a new client platform, code-named “Lakefield,” featuring the first iteration of its Foveros 3D packaging technology. This hybrid CPU architecture enables combining different pieces of IP that might have previously been discrete into a single product with a smaller motherboard footprint, which allows OEMs more flexibility for thin and light form factor design. Lakefield is expected to be in production this year.

Intel announced the Nervana Neural Network Processor for Inference, or NNP-I and demonstrated its future Xeon Scalable processor based on 10nm. The company also disclosed it is expanding its investment in network infrastructure with new 10nm-based network system on chip, code-named “Snow Ridge,” that has been developed specifically for 5G wireless access and edge computing.

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