Drone Rodeo: Wildest Event in Tech Returns for CES 2017

The Drone Rodeo, the premier drone industry event at CES, is returning for more high-flying fun in the high desert. Called “The Wildest Event in Tech” in 2016 by ABC News Digital, the Drone Rodeo brings media together with drone manufacturers, race pilots and accessory makers to fly drones in their natural habitat: wide open spaces.

This year’s Rodeo takes place at The Aerodrome, the world’s first commercial droneport located in Boulder City, just outside the restricted airspace around Las Vegas. Some highlights of this year's Rodeo: RMUS will be showing off the latest gear from DJI – the world’s largest drone manufacturer, including the Inspire 2, Matrice 600 and Phantom 4 Professional models, as well as their new crop-spraying drone, the Agras MG-1.

“Flying inside a cage at the convention center doesn’t really show off the true power of a drone, and air space around the convention center is restricted,” says Matt Sloane, CEO of Atlanta Drone Group, and executive producer of The Drone Rodeo. “We’re doing the next best thing – finding a cool place in the desert to show off amazing technology then pairing up media and exhibitors in one concise event.”

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