Hisense Says Laser TV is the Future

With sales booming, Hisense has announced the launch this month in Europe and the USA of the Hisense 100L9, the world’s first RGB Laser TV. Harman Kardon liftable audio composed of Dolby Atmos will, says the company, change the viewer’s living room into a private home cinema.

“Screens are vitally important in the reconstruction of our lifestyle due to their unique value and function,” said Fisher Yu, the President of Hisense Visual Technology. “Services, social experiences, people. The screen will connect them all.”

A laser TV can display extra-large images with improved picture quality by utilising laser display technology, including laser projection, a technology combining a laser light source and full-frame projection. The image on the screen is reflective instead of directly projected towards the eyes. Therefore, the viewers are out of the area of strong blue light with 0 blue light exposure which can avoid eyestrain.

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