HT's Data Center Received a Tier III Certificate

Hrvatski Telekom's Data Center in Zagreb met the highest security, technological, and industrial standards and received a TIER III certificate from the UpTime Institute. The certificate means that the center has undergone a demanding and strict assessment of the facility's performance, capacity, and all other engineering requirements together with mechanical and electrical systems and has fulfilled all the requirements set according to current technological standards.

The Uptime Institute has developed a data center classification standard, known as the TIER standard, which describes four types of data centers based on their level of availability. This defines technological standards that must be met to achieve a certain level of availability, and users can be sure that there is a standard that the service provider must adhere to. To obtain a certificate, all the requirements that a certain level of certificate implies must be followed and ensured, both through project documentation and the actual execution of the work and, finally, the maintenance of the Data Center.

Under the TIER III level, all IT equipment in the HT Data Center has a double independent power supply and cooling. Each system is independent of the other and completely redundant, so if one system stops working for any reason, the other is activated. This redundancy ensures uninterrupted power supply and cooling to guarantee uninterrupted server operation, which ultimately means that all user-critical systems can run smoothly and data is available.

With the increase in the use of cloud apps and data traffic, the need for storage, processing, and further distribution of data and ensuring their protection also increases, which leads to an increase in the market for data centers that will enable all of this. This is why the capacity of the center was doubled and modernized so that all users could transfer their business to the cloud.

"Thanks to the continuous investment in the development of infrastructure services, today we can respond to the needs of all users, from a careful analysis of the existing user infrastructure, their business needs, and capabilities, and proposing a solution tailored to the user's needs up to the very realization of that solution. This enables users to avoid large capital investments in equipping their own space, which should meet the minimum standards for housing IT systems and critical servers on which the entire business of the company rests," emphasized Ivana Beli Oštarčević, Director of the Service Portfolio Development and Management for Business Users Sector at Hrvatski Telekom.

HT manages five larger Data Centers that have been in use for more than 15 years, making it unique in the region. Their purpose differs depending on whether they are used for internal or user needs. The Data Center in Selska was opened in Zagreb in 2014 and offers users accommodation, remote monitoring, and ICT infrastructure management, which enables significant savings in the business and safe and optimal operation of equipment.

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