Operators Can Avoid 65 Percent of Operational Costs with IP Network Automation

Nokia, in collaboration with research firm Analysys Mason, revealed operators can expect up to a 65% cost avoidance after implementing IP network automation across three operations categories. This is one of several key findings from Nokia’s commissioned study.

Network automation is a key driver for improved network services agility, greater operational efficiency and increased network availability. To quantify the benefits from network automation at the domain controller layer, Analysys Mason interviewed a group of global operators on their network automation strategies and results, collecting more than 60 data points. The company then extrapolated the quantified benefits that can be expected from automating IP networks.

This study focused on network automation implemented for the operator’s service fulfilment, network lifecycle management, and network and service assurance processes with the Nokia NSP. NSP is the domain controller for multivendor IP, optical and microwave networks, enabling operators to automate a plethora of network management processes. According to Analysys Mason, Nokia’s market share ranks as one of the leading vendors in the network automation and orchestration space.

Cost avoidance at the domain controller is the result of multiple factors. Process automation reduces the labor time requirement for manual workloads by up to 68%, and consequently, the time needed to roll out new services is reduced by up to 88%. Less manual tasks also mean less human errors and higher predictability.

The use of a standardized scenarios reduces the frequency of order fallout and issues that require manual correction. Overall, the time spent to process errors is reduced by up to 85%. Automating alarm correlation and root cause analysis offers a significant improvement to the mean time to repair (MTTR) up to 71%.

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