Qualcomm Unveils Low-Power IoT Modem

Qualcomm debuted its latest IoT modem. The company said it is a boost for the broader sector through the addition of more computing capabilities and location-based technologies for asset tracking.

The vendor stated that the added computing power enables IoT devices running its QCX216 LTE modem to process more data, while the positioning tech bolsters connectivity, location, and processing capabilities on the units or at the network edge. The modem works with the vendor’s terrestrial location services which use a global database of geolocated beacons.

Qualcomm stated the QCX216 LTE modem delivers data rates of up to 10Mb/s in low-power mode, contributing to better device battery life. It also noted benefits for OEMs in making affordable IoT devices in a smaller form factor. It cited potential applications in utility meters, trackers, transportation, home automation, and security. Cavli Wireless CEO John Mathew stated the low-power LTE Cat1.bis chip in the modem would help device manufacturers migrate from 2G to 4G at a lower total cost of manufacture.

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