3 UK Cancelled Free Roaming in the EU

Operator 3 UK followed in the footsteps of EE and Vodafone by reintroducing roaming fees for users visiting the EU. The decision was caused by too many uncertainties around the cost of services used abroad, according to the operator.

From 23 May 2022 a charge of £2 per day when roaming within the EU and £5 outside the bloc will be applied, affecting customers who have switched to 3 UK or upgraded to new terms from 1 October 2021 onwards. Customers travelling in the Republic of Ireland, prepaid and post-paid customers signed up before October will not be impacted.

The operator explained uncertainties had made it commercially unviable for the company to continue offering free roaming in the bloc. Factors include varied underlying roaming costs, which the operator asserted prevented it from seeing the maximum amount needed to provide a service to customers located abroad.

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