A1 Telekom Austria Group Acquires Spectrum at Auction for €65.6 Million

Austria finalised its second 5G spectrum auction, bringing in proceeds of almost €202 million for the 700MHz, 1500MHz and 2100MHz bands. The subsidiary of the A1 Telekom Austria Group purchased spectrum for a total of €65.6 million. A1 now holds around 38% and thus the largest share of the total spectrum.

The 2100 MHz core band was secured and even expanded in the current auction. Supplemented by the existing leading position in the 800 MHz band and the newly acquired 1500 MHz band, this frequency allocation provides an excellent basis for future 5G applications and capacity expansions. In an efficient auction, frequencies in the 700, 1500 and 2100 MHz range were auctioned off. The available frequencies were divided into 26 blocks of 5 and 10 MHz each.

A1 bought at auction 30 MHz in the new 1500 MHz band and even increased its share in the important 2100 MHz band from 20 MHz to 25 MHz. In addition, a commitment was made to supply 349 highly rural communities. A1 thus makes an important, additional contribution to further strengthening rural areas.

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