Deutsche Telekom Takes the Lead in 6G Research Project

Deutsche Telekom is taking the lead for the 6G-TakeOff research project as part of the broader 6G program. The program is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). This was announced today at the project kick-off in Darmstadt.

Together with a total of 22 partners from research and industry, DT is forming a consortium to develop a uniform 6G architecture for communications networks comprising ground stations, flying infrastructure platforms, and satellites. By orchestrating different access technologies, the respective advantages can be used as needed. Optimal access to connectivity is thus ensured for each scenario.

Base stations on board satellites and flying platforms can help close the remaining coverage gaps of ground-based base stations. They offer the possibility to provide additional network capacity temporarily and locally as needed. To this end, 6G-TakeOff will develop a 3D architecture for mobile networks in which terrestrial and non-terrestrial base stations are considered and used uniformly.

Satellite constellations and communication networks can only be realized on an international scale. To this end, 6G-TakeOff will cooperate with European institutions and research projects to help shape future 6G standards. As coordinator of a nationally-funded project, DT will also be involved in the national ‘6G- Platform’ and ensure scientific exchange with other 6G research projects.

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