DT and Ericsson Join Forces on Campus Networks for Industrial Sites

Deutsche Telekom and Ericsson have announced a strategic partnership to to jointly serve industrial enterprise customers with Campus Networks. The solution addresses the growing market demand for industrial solutions based on cellular technology. These will support diverse use cases on manufacturing shop floors, or at logistic centers, airports and harbors.

In this partnership, Campus Network technology will be complemented with solutions from the DT portfolio such as Wi-Fi and local network integration, and IoT products. These solutions cover the whole value chain from Campus Network consulting (LTE/5G), use case definition, technical requirements, realization to secure operation. Use cases with customers in various industries are: autonomous transportation of production materials, next-gen refinery and predictive maintenance.

“Our enterprise and mid-sized customers demand secure, reliable, and high-performance network solutions tailored to their specific requirements. Deutsche Telekom and Ericsson have a longstanding partnership in innovation, technology and services. This unique partnership draws on the best of both companies to accelerate our clients’ automation and customer responsiveness today and into the future. We look forward to driving innovation in this partnership and making it a global success for our customers,” said Adel Al-Saleh, CEO of T-Systems and Board Member of Deutsche Telekom.

“As a technology leader, our Campus Network solutions boast flexibility and reliability. We are excited to boost the productivity of our customers while setting the standard for Industry 4.0. Our close partnership with Deutsche Telekom will no doubt continue to showcase innovation and customer focused solutions that will raise the bar for smart manufacturing," Arun Bansal, President and Head of Europe & Latin America at Ericsson, said.

Campus Networks seamlessly combine public and private cellular connectivity to support diverse enterprise use cases. The private slice, which is completely isolated from the public cellular network, is for the enterprise’s exclusive use. Thanks to dedicated spectrum usage and Quality of Service mechanisms, the private network can provide more secure, reliable and predictable connectivity. And with the data traffic kept locally, customers benefit from low network latency and a high degree of security.

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