DT Launches Hybrid 5G Solution for Fixed Network

With Hybrid 5G, Deutsche Telekom is offering fixed network and mobile together to provide fast internet. From February 1, customers can select the MagentaZuhause Hybrid rate plan or Hybrid 5G add-on option to benefit from speeds of up to 300 Mbit/s and upload speeds reaching 50 Mbit/s via the mobile communications network. All of this comes on top of the existing bandwidth available with the fixed network. The only prerequisite is coverage with the 5G mobile communications standard. Even customers with LTE coverage will benefit from significantly more speed.

The Speedport Smart 4 Wi-Fi router automatically switches over to use the 5G network’s bandwidth if it allows for quicker data transfer than the fixed-network line. A good example is when the entire family is home using the internet and huge amounts of data are being transferred for streaming or gaming. Hybrid 5G also offers greater speeds when working from home. With the full power of two networks, internet outages are nigh on impossible: if there are any issues with the fixed-network line, users will automatically continue surfing or calling via the mobile communications network.

Customers will need both a Speedport Smart 4 router and a 5G receiver to enjoy the advantages of Hybrid 5G. The weatherproof 5G receiver is installed on the outside of the building, for example on the building’s façade, a window ledge, or a window. This is where it is best placed to receive signals from the 5G network. It is then connected to the router via a flat network cable which can simply be slipped through the window frame. The Speedport Smart 4 will then automatically set itself up in the customer’s fixed network.

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