Ericsson Nikola Tesla to Modernize Kosovo Telecom’s Network

By signing a contract worth more than HRK 65 million, Kosovo Telecom and Ericsson Nikola Tesla started their cooperation related to the modernization of the core and radio network and the maintenance of the network of this Kosovo operator. This contract includes the modernization and virtualization of the entire core network, the introduction of the most advanced equipment in the radio part of the network, and the implementation of the Kosovo country code 383 in the network.

“This contract, which aims to modernize the mobile network and migration to the 383 code, brings significant benefits to customers and improves mobile telecommunications services, through the installation of the latest technology in the telecommunications industry,” said Burbuqe Hana, CEO of Kosovo Telecom. “This contract enables Kosovo Telecom to not only expand the coverage with 4G broadband technology in the entire residential area but also enter the era of 5G broadband technology. Kosovo Telecom migrates to its own international code 383 and thus benefits by avoiding the costs of using the international code of Monaco. At the same time, from a technical point of view, Kosovo Telecom will appear as a company of the Republic of Kosovo in the international telecommunications network.”

“Implementation of this contract will improve the quality of services provided to end users and prepare the network infrastructure for the creation of new services based on modern technology,” said Gordana Kovačević, president of Ericsson Nikola Tesla. “The strong network platform that we will deliver to our partner Kosovo Telecom is a prerequisite for the use of modern ICT technology and solutions and services that increase the competitiveness of the economy and the quality of citizens’ life. With this partnership, we strengthen our position in the Kosovo market, where we have been present for many years, and since 2013 we have had an office in Pristina, which we plan to expand. Our employees in the Pristina office are a part of our large team of globally respected experts.”

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