Kežman: Integration of H1 Telecom Nearing the End, Followed by the Use of Synergic Effects

Following the merger of H1 Telekom and Optima Telekom, that ended at the beginning of August, we talked with CEO of Optima Zoran Kežman. Optima is under the management of the strongest domestic telecom operator Hrvatski Telekom. We have discussed with Kežman the integration of two telco operators, possible synergies, and plans.

We expect some positive impacts that will enable us to increase business efficiency and profitability, easier repayment of outstanding debts from both company pre-trade settlement and further growth and development potential, said Kežman for He also aded that they have created room for new investments. These investments will continue to be geared towards further development of technology to enable users to access high-speed and fast Internet.

Optima Telekom has completed the acquisition of H1 Telekom. Which direction is new Optima going to take?

The formal acquisition was finalized on August 1 this year. Now we are undergoing an integration period, and we believe in a successful outcome within the planned time frame.

Optima was stabilized very quickly and successfully, and we've identified the potential for additional growth and company development through this acquisition. We plan to make use of best practices and knowledge from both companies to strengthen our market position, offer even better and more advanced solutions and services to our customers and increase the company's long-term value.

What are your expectations regarding the synergic effects of the takeover?

The synergic effects are already taking place, but they will be fully realized during and after the integration period. These are two very similar companies with similar offers, and this is exactly why there are many opportunities to realize the synergistic effects. We expect a series of positive impacts which will enable increased business efficacy and profit, easier repayment of the remaining debts from the companies’ pre-bankruptcy settlement, and further potential of growth and development. Also, we will strengthen our market position, and I’m sure that, in the end, this is how we will regain our investors’ trust.


What are the key points for the business development of Optima Telekom in the future?

With this friendly acquisition, we've ensured a new prospect for Optima and created opportunities for new investments. Those investments will still be directed at further technological development to provide our customers with fast and high-quality Internet access. We are experiencing major growth here and in the area of IPTV, as we continue to achieve excellent results year after year - this is where we see the greatest potential for further growth.

The telecom market is developing in the direction of the fast Internet – broadband in the area of fixed-line telecommunications. How do you see this development?

Our customers’ habits and means of communication are changing under the ever-stronger influence of digital transformation. A high-speed and reliable Internet connection has become a key factor in customer satisfaction since streaming, various OTT services, as well as a numerous gadgets, require Internet connection. In that sense, Optima is continuously fine-tuning its business. In addition to investing in network and technology, we are also modifying our offer, which now includes more high-speed Internet packages. Additionally, basic Internet, telephone, and IPTV services are constantly being upgraded to include additional content and OTT services. These are the things that customers want, and we’re continuously enriching our offer accordingly.

Apart from high-speed and high-quality services, what our users find extremely important is flexibility in use, so we are adjusting our services accordingly. I dare say that Optima is a trendsetter in that area as we were the first to enable our customers to use services and packages under very attractive conditions without contractual obligations.

We consider our customers’ real needs and requirements, and we listen to them because it is only by walking in their shoes that we can adapt and improve our offer in the best possible way.

Which are the key trends in telecom market development?

The digitalization of the Croatian society is happening at an accelerated rate and doesn’t fall much behind global trends. This process has made it possible for telecoms to renew their market positions and improve their business systems, but also to create innovative offers for their users. This has created further potential for new revenues streams and entry into other markets which are striving to sustain and increase growth through the use of advanced convergent telecommunications and IT services. Telecoms have all the essential prerequisites to expand in this direction, such as telecommunication network, logistics systems, data centres, as well as customer reach, and because of this, we can expect their further expansion into the IT sector.

Optima has significantly improved its offer with standard and customised ICT solutions. We collaborate with a large number of vendors and partners who use the most advanced equipment in the market and in this way, we meet the high standards that our customers expect when choosing business partners.

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