UK Proposes Tougher Security Measures for Telecoms

The UK government proposed a new bill to increase its powers over telecoms networks. It could result in operators being hit with large fines if they do not adhere to security requirements.

The government explained that the Telecommunications Security Bill would give it unprecedented new powers to boost security standards of UK networks and remove the threat of high-risk vendors. It will strengthen the security framework for technology used in 5G and fibre networks, including equipment and software on masts, along with phone and internet traffic exchanges, the government said.

In addition, the bill will give the government the power to compel operators to manage the risk of vendors deemed a security risk. Companies which fall short on the new duties or do not follow directions could face fines of up to 10 percent of turnover, or up to £100,000 a day. Regulator Ofcom will be tasked with policing the new rules, and it will therefore also be given stronger powers to monitor and assess operators’ security efforts.

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