Conversational Experiences Dominate Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Conversational Experiences Dominate Black Friday and Cyber Monday

New data from Infobip shows the dominance of conversational experiences, mostly messaging, for customer communications during Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year. Overall, the platform saw record levels of communications interactions, reaching 2.7 billion on Black Friday and 2.5 billion on Cyber Monday, compared to 2.4 billion and 2.1 billion last year.

Infobip’s analysis shows a 210% increase in mobile app messaging interactions on Black Friday and a 223% increase on Cyber Monday compared to a typical November day. Meanwhile, multimedia messaging (MMS) interactions increased by 178% on Black Friday and 167% on Cyber Monday compared to a typical day.

Showing the increasing popularity of rich communications during the discount days, RCS interactions jumped two-fold on Black Friday and five-fold on Cyber Monday this year compared to the same days last year. Overall, Black Friday interactions were up 98% compared to an average day in November – against 48% last year. Cyber Monday interactions increased by 77% compared to an average day in the same month – whereas Infobip recorded 44% last year.

“Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer retailers and e-commerce brands a significant opportunity to gain sales. While these days remain as popular as ever, consumers are changing how they want to interact with businesses. So, to stand out and drive sales, retailers and e-commerce companies must adopt a conversational strategy and offer interactive and two-way communications with their customers through their preferred channels. Supported by a market-leading global cloud communications platform, conversational chat apps, and generative AI, we were able to help our clients create seamless experiences for their customers and boost engagement and sales this Black Friday and Cyber Monday,“ said Ivan Ostojić, Chief Business Officer at Infobip.