A Solid Opening Quarter of 2024 for A1 Group

A Solid Opening Quarter of 2024 for A1 Group
A1 Group

In the first quarter of 2024, Austrian-based A1 Group reported solid results. Total revenue rose by 0.7% to €1.267 billion, driven by service revenue growth (3.1%) in local currency in all markets except Slovenia, offsetting the strong decline in equipment revenues (-9.8%).

EBITDA was up by 4.2% compared with the same period in 2023, despite higher core OPEX driven mainly by higher workforce and product-related costs. Excluding negative FX effects, total revenues and EBITDA excluding restructuring rose by 2.2% and 5.7% respectively. The group confirmed the outlook for FY 2024 with 3-4% revenue growth and CAPEX (excluding spectrum) of  €800 million.

"We have made a good start to the new year. While the CEE markets showed a stable performance, there were certainly challenges in some segments in Austria. Net result for the first quarter of 2024 grew by 10.5% and was €117 million. In an environment of rising costs, especially the workforce, we continue to focus consistently on the implementation of efficiency measures. The outlook for 2024 is stable," said Alejandro Plater, CEO of A1 Group.

“In mobile communications, the number of subscribers increased by 5.5%, driven primarily by strong growth in the M2M business. Overall, there was a slight increase of 0.8% for RGUs. A significantly strong increase could be recorded for advanced broadband RGUs and the ICT business was also an important growth driver. The company's continued transformation towards sustainability also remains in focus," added Thomas Arnoldner, Deputy CEO of A1 Group.