Ng-Voice Unveils a Cloud Solution to Reduce Spam and Scam Calls

Ng-Voice Unveils a Cloud Solution to Reduce Spam and Scam Calls

Spam and scam calls have become a global plague, affecting millions of users and generating significant economic losses. With a volume exceeding one billion calls per month globally, and a rate reaching 50% in some countries, these annoying fraud attempts are eroding trust in telephone communications.

Faced with this worrying situation, the company ng-voice has developed an innovative solution that promises to change the game. Its spam control system leveraging the potential of cloud technologies and powered by AI, offers an effective defence against unwanted calls. “A spam rate of 44% and 42% in countries like France and Spain is alarming. In this scenario, our technology allows operators to combat this problem from the cloud and, ultimately, offer a better and more secure service to their customers”, says Qawa Darabi, VP of Sales of ng-voice.

According to Hiya's report, 6.55 billion cases of telephone spam were registered in 39 countries studied in the third quarter of 2023, which represents an average of 73 million calls of this type per day. France and Spain registered the highest spam rates in Europe during this period, with 44% and 42% respectively. The most used scam tactics in Spain are banking, as well as impersonating relatives. In France, meanwhile, package delivery, banking operations, and impersonation of the government program Compte de Formation (CPF) were the most used tactics.

The situation is even more alarming in countries such as Chile (57%), Indonesia (56.5%), Argentina (56%), and Hong Kong (56%) which register rates of more than 50% of SPAM/SCAM calls. In the United States, meanwhile, only 22% of unknown calls were SPAM. This activity carries high costs for telecommunications operators and financial losses for users, who are losing confidence and have started to refuse to answer unknown calls. Current tools such as number blocking are ineffective against scam calls or spoofing. In turn, the STIR/SHAKEN solution fails (or cannot) enforce the authentication of international or PSTN in most cases.

ng-voice offers native cloud spam control, which is integrated into the VoLTE/IMS service chain for greater efficiency. The solution accesses network data, which allows for more accurate analysis with exclusive information from the network itself. The solution boosts advanced AI/ML technology to identify spam calls in real-time and notify users. In addition, it allows integration with global databases, thus facilitating an exhaustive analysis, as well as flexible policies to mark, block, or give freedom of decision to the user. "Our solution also supports enriched identifiers for calls from companies or public institutions, which allows us to increase trust in commercial calls," added Darabi.