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The Global Top 10 Android Apps

The top ten Android apps in the world had a combined download figure of 297 million in May.

The Most Lucrative Games in eSports

In recent years, eSports events have become bigger and bigger, with the largest tournaments awarding prize money on par with the largest “real world” sporting events.

Attack of the Clones

Share price of Snapchat’s parent company Snap recently fell to the lowest it’s been since the company went public with in March 2017.

Autonomous Vehicles Are Quickly Improving

Despite two fatal accidents involving (partially) autonomous cars this year, many companies continue to work on what most experts consider the car of the future.

Apple's HomePod Is Not as Smart as Its Rivals

The internet has been flooded with reviews from professional tech writers and early HomePod buyers.

Google Gains Ground in the Smart Speaker Market

Thanks to its head start in the prospering smart speaker market, Amazon stayed on top of the competition in the first quarter of 2018.

The Rise of e-Commerce in the United States

Over the past 20 years, e-commerce has steadily risen in size and reach.

Are Smart Speakers the Key to the Smart Home?

With Amazon and Google having slashed the prices of their smart speakers, it doesn’t take a prophet to predict that voice-enabled speakers will feature prominently under Christmas trees in the United States and elsewhere this year.

eSports Prize Money Is Escalating Quickly

There is little doubt left that 2018 will be another record year in terms of eSports prize money.

The World's Most Valuable Brands 2018

According to the recently released 'Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2018', the company which boasts the largest value backing up its brand is currently Google, with an estimated $302,063 million.

Is Alexa Killing the Radio Star?

Edison Research and NPR released the latest edition of their joint Smart Audio Report, offering new research on how smart speakers are used.

Immigrant Entrepreneurs Shape America's Startup Economy

Despite vocal opposition from industry voices, the Department of Homeland Security filed a proposal to remove the International Entrepreneur Rule, which was designed in the last days of the Obama era.

The Smartphone Market Is in a Pre-5G Slump

After a decade of growth, the global smartphone market came to a standstill in 2017.

Size Doesn't Matter to Media Startups

Twitter is almost a legacy media outlet compared to the younger startups in the media landscape. Its clout can be well measured in a revenue per employee (RPE) ranking.

U.S. Teens Have Mixed Feelings About Social Media

Even teenagers, supposedly the most avid fans of Snapchat, Instagram and the like, apparently have mixed feelings about social media these days.

Always On

1 in 4 American adults say they’re online almost constantly, with another 43 percent claiming to go online several times per day.

Apple Leads the Race to $1 Trillion

For the first time in three years Microsoft surpassed Google’s parent company Alphabet in market capitalization.

Samsung Is Said to Plan Camera Revamp for Aug. 9 Note Unveiling

Samsung plans to highlight an upgraded camera when it unveils its next Galaxy Note smartphone on Aug. 9, according to Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the matter.

Netflix Users Revert to the Big Screen After Signing Up

One of the many appeals of video streaming services is the fact that you can watch shows and movies pretty much wherever you go as long as you have an internet connection.

The Diverse Ways of Making Money in Tech

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook are some of the biggest companies in the world.

The World Turning Digital

Digitalization is connecting the world. As of 2018, two thirds of the world's 7.6 billion people have mobile phones, of which roughly half are also smart.

Baby Boomers Embrace Technology

While using electronic devices may not come as naturally to those aged 50+ as it does to younger people, that doesn’t necessarily mean that older Americans are disconnected from the modern world of technology.

Cloud Boom Drives Data Center Investment

Despite the nice image of storing our digital belongings somewhere up in the air, the cloud isn’t quite as fluffy as it may sound.

Apple Has Plenty to Lose in Potential Trade War With China

Having announced tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, the Trump administration is reportedly getting ready to hit China with more tariffs in response to the country’s alleged intellectual property theft.

The Biggest Hotels Worldwide by Number Of Rooms

Whether it's the small intimate place on the street corner in Paris or the gleaming modern high-rise on the waterfront in Dubai, hotels tend to come in all shapes and sizes.

Gaming: The Real Money Is in Software

From March 19 to March 23, the global video game industry convened in San Francisco for the annual Game Developers Conference.

Going Cold Turkey on Social Media

Social media has become a corner stone of the digitalized society and has revolutionized communication behavior over the past ten years.

Rising Influence: Fastest Growing Instagrammers in 2017

InfluencerDB has revealed their analysis of the Instagram accounts which saw the largest follower increases over 2017.

Global PC Market Shrinks to Decade Low

According to preliminary estimates from market research firm Gartner, PC vendors shipped a total of 263 million computers last year, down from 270 million in 2016.

SVOD Services: Each to Their Own

A new report by Hub Entertainment Research has shown that despite Netflix's dominance in the world of subscription video on demand, the three major players may actually to some extent play complimentary roles.

How Smartphone Prices Differ Across the Globe

Driven by an increase in demand for premium smartphones, the average smartphone selling price increased to $328 last year.

The Most Visible Brands on Social Media

The rise of social media over the past decade has given companies/brands new ways of interacting with their customers.

The Most Important Gaming Platforms in 2018

For a video gaming platform to be successful, it is absolutely crucial to be backed by the developing community.

Who's Winning Europe's Renewable Energy Race?

The European Union is making strides in renewable energy generation with the share of energy from renewable sources in gross final consumption hitting 17 percent in 2016, double the share in 2004.

The Rise of Video Streaming Across All Age Groups

More and more Americans are embracing the added freedom that video streaming has to offer compared to traditional TV.

Playable Ads Excite App Publishers Most

Getting any app promoted and downloaded by users is an increasingly difficult game. That's why interactive or playable ads have grabbed the attention and imagination of many app developers.

Nintendo Switch Beats Its Predecessors Out of the Gates

The fact that Nintendo has another hit on its hands became apparent when the company announced in December that worldwide Nintendo Switch sales had surpassed 10 million units less than 10 months into its launch.

Landline Phones Are a Dying Breed

As smartphones have become a constant companion for most people in the United States, landline phones are rapidly losing their relevance.

Companies Reminded of Fragile Consumer Trust Ahead of GDPR

Baringa Partners warns that businesses will have to work much harder to maintain levels of trust when General Data Protection Regulation comes into force.

Tesla Delivers 100,000 Cars in 2017 But Misses Model 3 Goals

When Tesla reported its vehicle deliveries for the fourth quarter, many investors probably weren’t sure what to make of it.

Wage Growth Around the World in 2018

Analyzing OECD data, the London-based Trades Union Congress (TUC) has prepared forecasts for wage growth in developed economies over the coming year.

Nintendo's Greatest Hits and Misses

Nintendo’s latest video game console, the Nintendo Switch, had a great start. Since its global release on March 3, Nintendo sold more almost 15 million units of the hybrid console.

Karlsruhe is Germany's car-sharing capital

Car-sharing vehicles have become a common sight on the streets of Germany's major cities.

The Biggest Food Accounts on Instagram

According to analysis by InfluencerDB, there is a clear leader in the world of food on Instagram. The English celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver, with over six million followers has by far the biggest food-based account.

The Best Games Ever (According to the Critics)

Everyone that plays video games has a favorite, one that they keep on coming back to. According to the critics, the best game ever made is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Disney-Fox Deal to Shake Up the Movie Industry

Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox’s film and TV assets will dramatically change the balance of power in the movie industry.

Where Europeans Consider Corruption Widespread

Corruption takes many forms including bribery, trading in influence and abuse of functions. A recent Eurobarometer survey set out to gauge awareness levels of the problem among EU citizens.

YouTube's Highest Paid Stars of 2017

YouTube stars are regularly bombarded with the question "how much do you earn doing this?"

Are Smart Speakers the Key to the Smart Home?

With Amazon and Google having slashed the prices of their respective smart speakers this holiday season, it doesn’t take an expert to know that voice-enabled speakers featured prominently under Christmas trees in the United States and elsewhere last year.

The Music Streaming Landscape

While Spotify and Apple Music continue to grow their subscriber bases in unison, smaller streaming services are struggling to keep up.

Geoblocking Prevalent For Online Shoppers in EU

The European Union agreed to end unjustified geoblocking. This relates to geoblocking the online trading of goods and services.

The Countries With The Heaviest Tax Burdens

Tax revenues as a share of GDP averaged 34.3 percent across OECD countries last year, the highest figure since records began in 1965.

The Real Star Wars Universe

The latest entry in the Star Wars saga, The Last Jedi, is in theather for two weeks. Statista has asked the question - where is the real Star Wars universe?

Cyber Monday Sets New U.S. Online Shopping Record

When Americans started celebrating Thanksgiving in the 19th century, it was about cherishing the blessings of the year, particularly the year’s harvest. These days however, it appears as if many people spend the holiday thinking about what they might need rather than what they already have.

Uber Reportedly Lost $1.5 Billion in the Past Quarter

While Uber has spent much of 2017 entangled in legal battles or managing negative publicity surrounding its allegedly sexist and overall toxic company culture, the company’s ride-hailing business continues to grow, albeit at a loss.

Chinese Brands Challenge Samsung and Apple

The global smartphone market grew by 3 percent in the third quarter of 2017 according to new estimates from market research firm Gartner.

The Most Wanted Tech Gifts in 2017

As technology plays an increasingly large role in our lives, it is no surprise that it also features prominently under the Christmas tree.

Where Fiber Broadband is Most Prevalent

The current pinnacle of broadband connections, fiber, is desired by many, but as new data from OECD shows, attained by relatively few.

Mobile Data: Who Is Using The Most Gigabytes?

A new report has found that mobile broadband penetration across the OECD has hit 99.3 percent, equating to one high-speed mobile broadband subscription for every inhabitant.

Samsung Bounces Back From Galaxy Note Debacle

Samsung made an operating profit of 14.5 trillion won ($12.8 billion) off 62 trillion won ($54.7 billion) in revenue between June and September, which make the past quarter the biggest in the company’s history.

The World's Best Employers 2017

The Forbes Global 2000 List is a well-known annual must-read in business. This year for the first time Forbes teamed up with Statista to take the project one step further, identifying the 500 World’s Best Employers, the 250 Top Regarded Companies, the 250 Top Multinational Performers and the 250 Top Growth Champions among the Global 2000 around the globe.

Netflix Adds 5.3 Million Subscribers in Q3 2017

Netflix's strategy to invest heavily in content, both original and licensed, continues to pay off.

Smartphone Prices Are Trending Upwards

As Apple launched its most expensive smartphone to date, the iPhone X starting at $999 in the U.S., data released by market research firm GfK suggests that smartphone prices in general are trending upwards this year.

BT and Sky Agree to Cross-Sell Sports and Entertainment Content

BT Group and Sky have agreed to sell each other’s channels as the two U.K. broadcasters seek to maximize the distribution of sports and entertainment programming to recoup content costs and expand the appeal to advertisers, according to Bloomberg.

Twitter Falls Behind the Competition

Twitter's biggest problem for the past few years has been its lackluster user growth. Under the circumstances it must have been especially hard for the company to admit that it overstated its monthly active user numbers by one or two million since the fourth quarter of 2014 due to a miscalculation.

An Incredible 12 Months For Facebook

Facebook has again flown past expectations in its latest quarterly earnings report. As infographic shows, in Q3, the company posted a year-on-year increase in net income of 79 percent.

Apple Reveals Most Popular Apps, Music, Movies and More in 2017

Apple has unveiled its 2017 charts and trends, celebrating the most popular apps, music, movies, TV shows, books and podcasts across the App Store, Apple Music, iTunes, iBooks and Apple Podcasts. Editors and curators highlighted content from indie artists and developers from around the globe.

Super Mario: The Timeless Bestseller

Video game enthusiasts around the world were very exited while nervously awaiting for the first Super Mario game for the Nintendo Switch.

T-Mobile Starts $1.5 Billion Stock Buyback

T-Mobile US is starting a $1.5 billion stock-repurchase program after merger efforts with Sprint collapsed, according to Bloomberg.

Facebook's Growth Potential Lies Abroad

For all its achievements, what is arguably Facebook’s most impressive feat, is for how long the company has been able to keep growing at a pace that other companies can only dream of.

ASUS Named the Most Valuable International Brand From Taiwan in 2017

ASUS has been ranked as the most valuable international brand from Taiwan for the fifth consecutive year in the 2017 Taiwan Global Brands Survey conducted by Interbrand. The company is estimated to have a brand value of US$1.678 billion.

Facebook Says 99% of IS and Al Qaeda Content Spotted by AI

Facebook’s artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly adept at keeping terrorist content off the social network, the company has said, according to Bloomberg.

Alphabet's Other Bets Are a Costly Hobby

Google’s parent company Alphabet delivered positive results for the third quarter of 2017. The company posted $27.8 billion in revenue and net income of $6.7 billion for the three months ending in September, beating analyst expectations across the board.

Cloud Business Drives Amazon's Profits

Amazon's third quarter earnings beat analyst expectations in terms of revenue. The e-commerce behemoth reported total sales of $43.74 billion for the three months ending September 30, up from $32.71 billion in Q3 2016. Net profit was basically flat at $256 million.

Facebook Growth Fueled by Mobile Ads

Facebook's strong mobile advertising business helped the social network beat expectations on both the top and the bottom line in the third quarter of 2017.

Services Are the Rising Star at Apple

When people think of Apple, they think of hardware first. iPhone, iPad, MacBook and iMac – those are the products that have made Apple what it is today: the most valuable company in the world.

The Global Top 10 Android Apps

The top ten Android apps in the world during August had a combined download figure of over 343 million.

How The iPhone Price Developed

The unveiling of the iPhone X was the most eagerly anticipated event of the year. The new handset made a daring design move in ditching the home button while it now boasts a facial scanner and the ability to make animated emojis.

Where Can You Withdraw Bitcoins?

2017 has been the year of Bitcoin. Not only did the value of the digital coin increase, its success and attention in the media also attracted the interest of companies.

Huawei Releases New-Generation 5G-oriented Base Station

At the 2017 Global Mobile Broadband Forum in London, Huawei released a new generation of 5G-oriented base station featuring three highlights: "extreme simplicity", "extreme speed", and "extreme evolution".

The Governments Making the Most Twitter Information Requests

As part of their latest Transparency Report, Twitter has revealed the national governments which have sent the most requests for users' information in the first half of 2017.

Music Streaming's Unstoppable Rise

The CD, MP3 and radio are all being eclipsed by a revolution in music streaming. More Americans than ever are signing up for subscription services like Spotify and Apple Music. That wasn't always the case, however.

Google's 10 Biggest Acquisitions

Google has recently announced it is acquiring part of HTC's smartphone business for $1.1 billion.

Retailers Starting to Realise How Much Telcos Could Improve Their Business

Retailers are slowly but surely becoming aware of telcos’ retail offerings and their expertise in creating connected stores and personalised shopping, according to GlobalData. BT has opened a store concept, for which it created the designer store brand Alexander Black that uses internet connected devices and interactive screens to drive engagement and understand customer behaviour and demand.

U.K. Committee Is Said to Invite Twitter to Face Lawmakers

U.K. lawmakers are planning to invite representatives from Twitter to give oral evidence as part of the investigation into Russian influence in the country’s recent elections, according to Bloomberg.

Movistar and Ericsson Bring First 5G Trial to Argentina

Telefónica-owned operator Movistar and Ericsson have brought the first 5G test system to Argentina, allowing telecom operators and ecosystem partners such as academic institutions and industry representatives, to test 5G capabilities in a live network.

E-Travel Set to Go a Long Way

Like most e-markets, e-travel is booming. It's defined by the sale of online services and digital goods via the internet and can be split into two broad segments.

Visa Introduces New Payment Wearables for Fans Attending the Olympic Winter Games 2018

Visa, the exclusive payment technology partner at the Olympic and Paralympic Games, introduced three commercially available wearable payment devices. In the spirit of the Olympic Winter Games, Visa created NFC-enabled payment gloves, commemorative stickers and Olympic pins that allow fans and athletes to complete seamless and secure payments with a simple tap at any contactless-enabled terminal.

The Companies Making The Most From Games

Tencent was the public company with the highest revenue from games in the first half of 2017.

Europe's Tech Giants

When you think of tech companies you probably imagine a stylish modern office somewhere in California.

2017 Talent Unleashed Awards Finalists Announced

Talent has announced the finalists for the 2017 Talent Unleashed Awards, celebrating the world’s most ground-breaking startups, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Tech Investors Turning Their Sights on Europe

When comparing to 2013, tech start-ups in Europe are now seemingly looking a lot more attractive to investors.

FOX Networks Group Selects Ericsson for Broadcast Services

Ericsson has signed an exclusive multi-year contract with FOX Networks Group Middle East to provide playout, media management and global distribution services for three new HD channels. The new channels, FOX Crime, FOX Life and FOX Rewayat, launched last month and are broadcast 24 hours a day from Ericsson’s broadcast and media services hub in Abu Dhabi.

MTS Selects Ericsson to Prepare Network for 5G and IoT

Ericsson and MTS, the largest telecommunications operator in Russia, have agreed to upgrade the network of MTS. Ericsson will deliver the newest software features that will be continuously developed during the next three years.

The World's Most Valuable Brands

The latest brand value estimations from Interbrand have Apple still sitting firmly at the top of the pile, with a value of over 184 billion U.S. dollars.

Always On...Facebook

Analysis by AudienceProject has revealed the social media apps which are used most often.

Many Customers Could Walk Away in the Event of a Major Data Breach

As the Data Protection Bill receives its second reading, research from Baringa Partners reveals companies risk losing up to 55% of customers if they suffer a significant personal data leak, according to Baringa Partners. The research, which investigates consumer attitudes towards data protection, is particularly timely given the expected rise in reported data breaches under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Telia, Ericsson and Intel Will be the First to Make 5G Real in Europe

Telia is deploying the first public 5G live network use cases in Europe in collaboration with Ericsson and Intel. This includes a high-speed 5G connection to a commercial passenger cruise ship delivering internet connectivity to the ship and its passengers while in port, and an industrial use case featuring a construction excavator remotely controlled with a live 5G network.