Starhome Mach & Stream Deliver IoT Connectivity Management Platform

Starhome Mach & Stream Deliver IoT Connectivity Management Platform

Starhome Mach and Stream Technologies are assisting Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) with the launch and acceleration of their IoT services. Their new solution provides MNOs with complete visibility and control of all IoT device connections, strengthening their competitive advantages. It will be presented at this years MWC in Barcelona next week.

Starhome Mach, which already services 300 mobile network operators with global network, roaming and clearing technologies, and Stream, with more than 700 IoT-related enterprise clients, have combined their technologies and expertise to deliver a groundbreaking IoT connectivity lifecycle management solution for MNOs.

The solution combines Stream's API-based connectivity enablement and monitoring and control technologies with Starhome Mach's core network-based connectivity insight and smart steering technologies, as well as Starhome Mach’s complete IoT clearing services.

The real-time solution delivers the lowest TCO and the highest levels of service continuity, bringing visibility and control layer to the MNOs and their enterprise customers. Companies using the solution will be able to manage and monitor millions of SIMs and IoT devices, gaining complete self-care, from initial mass provisioning to long-term administration, such as remote management, SIM resets, and software upgrades.