Huawei Became a Highly Desirable Consumer Brand

Huawei Became a Highly Desirable Consumer Brand

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Huawei is well-known for its broad portfolio of devices, which is now going to get even bigger and more enjoyable, said in an interview for Xu Dong, director of Huawei Consumer Business Group, Croatia.

The company does not slow down in its search for innovation, and we have presented new devices during a big launch event, Xu Dong points out.

New models of smart gadgets are coming out soon. What can users expect and in which segments?

The theme of the event was the modern way of life, in which we use an ecosystem of connected products to support various consumer scenarios, including smart home, health and fitness, smart office, and others. The devices we presented cover a wide range of customers' needs, from office solutions for people on the go such as MateBook D16 and Mate Xs 2 to fantastic smartphone devices which offer great value like the nova Y70 and nova Y90. You will soon be able to see those devices in our market as well.

What are the plans for positioning new smartphones and other smart devices? What price and demographic category are you targeting in 2022 in the region?

We have introduced the lightest foldable smartphone on the market so far, the Mate Xs 2, marking our position as a leader in the foldable smartphones field. From this premiere on the company will own the most developed line of devices in the foldable category, including both inner and outer displays, as well as flip phones. The new foldable presents a new level of innovation, featuring an outward folding design, flat and seamless fold, immersive screen, and flagship features ensuring great performance. This smartphone will be a perfect choice for those who work on the go and need quick access to email and files, as the smartphone will prove itself useful as the main device you need for work.

What’s more, during the event we also presented two new models from a well-established series known for providing innovative solutions for an affordable price – nova Y70 and nova Y90. Based on the insights of users’ demands, the series balances cost, and the popular selling points to create a perfect lifestyle smartphone. From the practical features such as a large screen, long battery life, and big storage, to the exquisite appearance, smooth experience, and reliable quality, the new smartphones will bring users an experience that combines technology with fashion.

How is the development and implementation of Harmony OS in the local market going? When can we expect a fully developed ecosystem? Which devices will be able to network? What will be the possibilities for use and networking?

HarmonyOS is a next-generation operating system developed by Huawei that enables interconnection and collaboration between smart devices. In China, HarmonyOS is powering selected models of Huawei Vision, wearables, smartphones, and other products. It has gained great traction among consumers. By December 2021, over 220 million Huawei devices are running HarmonyOS.

Currently, there is no plan for smartphones outside China to upgrade to HarmonyOS, but consumers can enjoy HarmonyOS 2 and its ground-breaking user experience on Huawei tablets, Huawei Vision, and smartwatches.

With the devices now available, what are the plans for expanding the smart segment for the local market? Can we expect Huawei Smart home devices, IoT, TVs, monitors, and other devices available in different markets?

At Consumer Business Group we are very focused on PC and monitors. Our PCs are mainly working work scenarios. We are all familiar with the limitations that laptop-only workstation brings. That's why the new laptop we just launched, the MateBook D 16, combines the best features of a laptop and a monitor in a new device that will challenge the traditional desktop set-up, so they are something worth looking at if you are an office worker, who only recently has been faced with the task of arranging an office at home.

During our launch event today, we introduced a variety of new products, from laptops, phones, accessories, and even our first e-reader, the MatePad Paper.

Huawei carefully observes the changing needs and expectations of consumers, so the upcoming devices will be positively received and put to wide use.

What is the sales and financial situation on the market in Croatia and the region after H1? What does Huawei expect from its position in the market? Can you feel the discrepancy in sales because of the Google issue and shortage of chips?

In a very short period of just several years, Huawei has crossed the path from a not-known to a highly desirable consumer brand. It is the result of our continuous hard work and investment in innovation. This is the result of a fair relationship with customers, where more and better value is gained. But also the result of focus to be better, in all segments of the business, to create added value and earn the respect and trust of our customers and partners. We invest heavily in research and development globally, but we also invest strongly locally, in people, distribution channels, marketing, and customer service. Our partners become successful with us, our customers become our loyal fans. Anyone who hasn’t tried Huawei yet should do it. We will continue this journey.

Two, or three years ago, in the consumer mobile segment, we were offering only smartphones. Today we have several other products and new sales channels. For example, in addition to smartphones, we also sell computers, smart watches, tablets, and headphones. And we used to sell phones through partners like operators, while watches today we sell through partners like Polleo Sport or Decathlon, which sell specialized sporting goods. And we sell computers, for example, through specialized partners. The reason why I say this is to understand how flexible we are, and how quickly we adapt and develop.

All the challenges we have been exposed to in previous years have connected our employees and motivated us to prove our resilience. So we worked much harder and opened up several new market categories, by which we were not previously recognized. We have invested a lot of effort, and our market footprint is even higher than before. In addition, with a wide range of products, which are well accepted by people, we are proving technological superiority.

To answer your question, I am sure we will achieve our sales targets in Croatia and the region. Just as an example, in two, or three years we have become market leaders in the smartwatch category.

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